FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2018

Fellowship Process:

FOSSEE Fellowship Process



The registrations for FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2018 are closed.


Important Dates:

Click here to know the important dates.



The source code along with the documentation required to contribute to the OpenPLC fellowship program can be found at:

For more information about the documentation and its content, read 'Screening Level Tasks' section below.


Screening Level Tasks:

Add completely functional components mentioned below to the Advanced Simulation Dialog of LDmicro:

  • SPDT switch

  • DPST switch

  • DPDT switch

To know more about LDmicro, click here.

For compilation procedure and prerequisites, read 'README.rst' file.

For procedure to add components, please refer ‘AdvSimREADME.rst’ .

The images required to add the above mentioned components are available here: ‘ldmicro\img'.

*Note: Every component that you create must handle the 'Dynamic Values' scenario as described in AdvSimREADME.rst file.


Procedure to submit:

Submissions are accepted in three formats (Github link, pull request, File Submission). You must submit your project in all three mentioned formats. The procedure to submit the project is as follows:

Pull request:

Send a pull request back from the forked copy inside your repository.

File / Link Submission:

1. You will receive an email with the subject line "FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2018 - Submission" including the login details for the submission portal.

2. Click here to visit the submission portal and login with your userid and password.

3. Select OpenPLC under 'My Courses' section.

File Submission:

1. Complete the screening level task & compile your new source code.

2. From the source directory, find the newly compiled ldmicro.exe.

3. Compress the compiled executable (ldmicro.exe) in a zip file. (Only files with .zip extension are allowed for uploads.

4. Under OpenPLC page, select 'File Submission' activity. If you are unable to view the topics, click on 'FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2018' link once.

5. Click on 'Submit your work' link on the page. You will be redirected to the submission page.

6. Click on 'Start preparing your submission' link.

7. Keep title OpenPLC.

8. Type file submission in 'Submission content' text-area.

9. Upload your zip file.

10. You may click on 'Save changes' to submit your file.

Github link Submission:

1. Update the source code on the forked copy of your repository.

2. Keep the link of the forked repository handy.

3. Click on 'Github link submission' activity. You will be redirected to the submission page.

4. Paste the link of your 'LDmicro Github repository' in 'Online text' text-area.

5. You may click on 'Save Submission' to submit your file or click 'Previous Activity' link to save link and proceed to URL submission.

6. You may edit both the submissions at a later stage.

Note: Strictly follow the guidelines mentioned above. Submissions are compulsory in all three mentioned formats (executable, Github link and pull request). No other information is to be provided in the submission forms. We are not responsible for loss of any data/ information during the peer review process.


Technical requirements:

Visual C/C++, GitHUB, Working of electronic/electrical components such as Switches, Relays etc.


Evaluation Criteria:

  1. Completeness of the task.
  2. Quality of the code.