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Important Dates:

Click here to know the important dates.

Resource to Learn 4Diac:

You can follow the excellent material provided here and seek help in the forum for any queries regarding 4diac.

Refer this document for brief descriptions about major FBs in 4diac.

Screening Tasks :

Implement the following set of experiments (minmum 3) in 4diac

  1. LED and Switch – control 3 LEDs - D1, D2, D3 - blink them in the order D1->D3->D2 with 1sec 2sec and 3 sec interval; do it in a loop which could be stopped and restarted from D1 using a switch
  2. Logic Gates - AND, OR, NOT, NOR, XOR
  3. Traffic Light – implement simple three way traffic light – straight, left, right, ready, stop and a pedestrian crossing for 5 sec
  4. Lift – design logic for a simple 3 storied lift.


Technical Requirements:

Basic knowledge of PLC, Control systems Theory, Structured Text and Functional Block Programming.


Procedure to participate :

  1. Install 4diac and its dependencies from here.
  2. Create independent applications for each of the specified tasks in a common workspace. Share the workspace folder, along with clear screenshots and flowchart of the final application.


Procedure for submitting the completed tasks :

The follow-ups and submissions for the task(s) will be done here. You will have to register and enroll for the course first, for accessing the portal.


Evaluation Criteria :

The completed tasks will be evaluated on the basis of:

  1. Functionality and complexity of the applications created by you.
  2. Display of thorough understanding of the IEC 61499 standard and programming in 4diac.