FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2020

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Last updated on 01 April 2020

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and travel restrictions placed by IIT Bombay, the FOSSEE Summer Fellowship 2020 will be offered remotely. The FOSSEE team will contact the selected candidates through emails soon.

Screening Task :

Create applications in 4diac for the following problem statements(click here to know more about 4DIAC). Documentation explaining the design process and working of the system, with descriptive screenshots of the application, is a must.

Task 1: Create application in 4diac for Continuous blinking an LED with duty cycle 50% and a period of 4 seconds.

Task 2: Create application in 4diac for Continuous blinking an LED with duty cycle 80% and a period of 4 seconds.

Task 3: Create application in 4diac for Toggle an LED ON and OFF according to the push and release of a normally open push-button.

Task 4: Create application in 4diac for a simple traffic light.

You have to successfully finish at least two of the above tasks to be considered for selection.

NOTE: When in need of help, post questions in the respective forums– 4diac related: 4diac forum, everything else: FOSSEE Forum

Technical Requirements :

  • Prerequisite – Knowledge of
    • PLC programming
  • Task-specific – Knowledge of 
    •  Function block programming and creating applications using them in 4diac (version : 4diac IDE 1.11.3 and forte 1.11.0)
    • Linux; use it as the development environment
    • Git and GitLab

Resources :

  • You can find relevant resources regarding 4diac here
  • Git : Link
  • GitLab : Link
  • Linux : Link

Procedure to Submit :

  • Create your applications in a workspace by the name fsf_2020.
  • Create a GitLab private repository named fsf_2020_openPlc and add “openplc_fossee” as a collaborator. 
  • Maintain the aforementioned workspace in it.
  • Click here to submit your GitLab repo link.
  • Document each of the application development as separate pdf's and place them in the created repository

Evaluation Criteria :

  • Display of understanding of 4diac and Function block programming.
  • Ability to seek help in the forum and debug.
  • Quality of the application in terms of abstraction and complexity.